10th Grade Plan 

  • Enroll in courses that guarantee you are on track for graduation requirements at KKFS
  • Take the PSAT 
  • Start preparing for the ACT and or the SAT. Listen for school offered tutoring sessions in certain subject areas that pertain to the ACT or SAT, then attend!
  • Get involved! Join Sports and or clubs that are offered at KKFS
  • Get involved in your community. Find internship and or volunteer opportunities that are meaningful. 
  • Review your PSAT scores and try to strengthen areas by reading and writing. 
  • Stay on track with your grades 
  • Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss possible avenues for your future, and to take the SDS assessment. 
  • Meet with your college counselor to discuss credits, AP courses and course selection for your junior year.
  • Maintain your grades until the end of the year. 
  • Stay involved, (long term volunteering at one place bodes well over multiple places.)
  • Start planning to take subject area SAT tests 
  • Volunteer your time 
  • Find a job! 
  • Start your college search 

11th Grade Plan 

  • Make sure you have taken or will take the PSAT offered in the fall
  • Take the SAT or the ACT 
  • Start conversations with your parents/guardians about your post high school plans 
  • Start making a short list of colleges that you are interested in
  • If you are enrolled in AP courses, note the scores needed in order to receive credit that are on your list.
  • Prepare for your standardized tests ie. Subject area SAT
  • Stay involved 
  • Maintain your grades
  • Continue conversations with family regarding your post high school plans 
  • Review your SDS test results and narrow down your college search based on your academic area of interest. 
  • Take your AP exams for any AP course(s) you are enrolled in.
  • Receive an introductory lesson on Naviance & Common App training 
  • Review your SDS test results again. Meet with your guidance counselor 
  • Have an introductory meeting with your college counselor
  • Enroll in the summer writing workshop offered at KKFS to start your personal Statement 
  • Log into your Naviance account and start your student resume. 
  • Once "senior rollover" is complete (Usually mid-July), start adding colleges to your "colleges I'm thinking about" list
  • Volunteer your time! 
  • Check emails and follow on us twitter for updates on summer career visit opportunities
  • Start contacting recommendation letter writers outside of the Kent community 

Letter of Recommendation Request

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College Visit Registration

In order to attend college visits as a Junior (11th grade student) please fill out the following form.