Here's what you can do to start planning for college ! 

8th Grade Plan 

  • Be sure to do well in your Algebra I or Pre-Algebra Classes. This will set the tone for your Math in High School. Ask for support if you are struggling. Don't wait until it's too late.
  • If a world language class is offered, be sure to take it! This will also put you ahead when you are enrolling in high school. 
  • Practice organization habits, by having a binder for each class. Dividers and sheet protectors along with A4 size paper are a must in order to stay organized and protect your work. 
  • Keep your grades up and stay focused! You are almost to the finish line of middle school. 
  • Get involved. Join sports teams and clubs. These activities will most likely carry on into high school. You will make friends and the transition to high school will be a lot easier. 
  • Pay attention to what subjects and activities hold your interest. This could be a hint as to what you would like to study at the university level. 
  • Finish your middle school year strong! 
  • Get online and inform yourself of the high school classes needed for graduation and what is recommended at most 4 year universities. 
  • Meet with your counselor if you are having trouble with your course selection for your freshman year. 
  • Ask teachers for summer packets/workbooks/reading homework that will prepare you for their class next year! 
  • Strengthen your reading and writing skills
  • Volunteer your time. 

9th Grade Plan 

  • Enroll in the proper courses. Be sure to pick an array of courses that interest you and match with the path to a higher education. Meet with your counselor if necessary to discuss schedule options. 
  • Continue to practice good organization habits. Starting early by neatly maintaining your work will develop you into a well prepared student. 
  • Be sure to enroll in an Algebra I class. Passing Algebra I as a freshman is a qualifier as to how well you will do in your high school career.                                       
  • Get involved! Check out what KKFS has to offer as far as sports and clubs by following the links.                                                          
  • Maintain your grades! Adjusting to the high school course load can be challenging so make sure you are getting the help that you need. Check your the tutoring schedule if you need additional support. 
  • Keep a journal of what interests you. This will make it a little easier in choosing the type of college you wish to apply to. 
  • Stay involved! Nothing says dedication and perseverance like longevity. 
  • Finish strong. You are adding on the first 2 semesters to your high school transcripts, the first document that colleges will look at to determine eligibility. 
  • Volunteer your time! Keep at it by doing service work in your community. Make sure to log your hours and have a point of contact for reference. 
  • Start a conversation. Talk to family members about their college experience, what you would like to major in or where you would like to attend. 
  • Start a college search. Looking early helps you be more aware as to what you need to accomplish in your high school career. It's never too early! 
  • Get extra outside support in your weaker subjects. Before summer break begins, ask your teachers for review packets or supplements that can help you build skills in a class that you have already taken or preview material for a class you are wanting to take in the future. 



8th - 9th Grade Important Links