How to book an appointment using the calendar below:

Log in    Make sure you are logged in to your Google account. If you are, you will be able to see the calendar below and your email should appear on the top right of the appointment calendar. Scroll to view the available appointment times for the week.
Choose   Click a time frame that is available. Enter your name and grade in the DESCRIPTIONS area.
Set  Click save once you have completed all steps. This will automatically save in your Google calendar and send you an email confirmation. To cancel the appointment, just delete it from YOUR Google calendar. 

For guidance counseling appointments: 

Reasons to book 1-1 appointments

Here are just a few specific reasons you may want to book a counseling appointment. Ultimately, there are numerous reasons so don't feel shy and book your appointment today! 

1. To complete your initial interview for your counselor recommendation letter [seniors]

2. To receive counsel in the college application process [any]

3. To discuss and receive counsel in choosing a course selection at Korea Kent Foreign School [any]

4. To review your college application process and update your status [seniors]

5. To receive training using Naviance & Common App [seniors]

6. To discuss and make academic plans in order to meet the graduation requirements at KKFS [any]

7. To discuss academic support plans if you are struggling to pass assigned courses. [any]