Mission & Philosophy

Our program promotes career and personal·social development of all students through individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance. We will work together with school staff, families, and community resources to maximize students’ potential in school and in society as a whole.

Tissue: Counselors help you dry your tears when you are feeling sad or overwhelmed. We also remind you that it is okay to cry – letting our feelings out helps us heal! 

Eraser: Counselors help you fix your mistakes and learn from them so that you don’t make the same mistake twice!

Ear: Counselors are great listeners and will always pay close attention to you.

SHH!: Counselors always keep your secrets. When you tell us a story or something about your life, we will keep it to ourselves and not share it with anyone else. But, if you are being hurt or someone is in danger, we will have to tell someone so that we can keep you safe!

Candy: Seeing the counselor is a treat! We will talk through your feelings and even play some games to help you feel better. You are NOT in trouble if you are asked to see Mrs.Angela Kim!

Heart: Counselors love and care about you. They have big hearts and want the best for you!

Life saver: Counselors can help “save” you from scary, overwhelming, or sad feelings. Counselors will help you “stay afloat” throughout the school year by offering you support, guidance, and love! 


Mrs. Angela Kim 

Room # A06-1 [Annex Building]

Email: Angela@kkfs.org