The counseling objectives are based on the school wide learning expectations at Korea Kent Foreign School.

College Counseling  

  • To inform students and parents of the college application process on an individualized basis. 
  • To aid in the college search, application and decision making process for each individual student while emphasizing the roles of parents, students and counseling team. 
  • To ensure that all information and documents that are sent to college and university admissions offices are accurate, complete and timely.  
  • To inform, provide & support career focused internships and volunteer opportunities in the community, driven by student interest. 
  • To cultivate positive relationships with college and university officers.  
  • To provide emotional and academic support whilst promoting social growth in this challenging, yet rewarding process of completing high school. 

Guidance Counseling: 

  • Career counseling helps students to acquire information and plan action about work, jobs, apprenticeships, and career opportunities
  • Personal·social counseling assists students to develop an understanding of themselves, the rights and needs of others, how to problem solve and define individual goals, reflecting their interests and abilities.