Here is a brief listing of the secondary (8th grade - high school) courses that are offered here at KKFS. If you'd like a more detailed explanation of each course, or are looking for courses offered in the younger years, then please feel free to visit our school's main website, and click on the tab "what we learn" 

  8th Grade High School
Electives  Computers  Health, Writing,  Advanced Writing, Media Literacy, Art I-II, Computers I-II, AP Studio Art, Speech, Drama, Band/Strings, Band/Wind
Language  Spanish, Mandarin Mandarin I-III AP Mandarin, Spanish I-III, Korean, ELL

 Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Math Enrichment

Math Enrichment, Algebra I, Algebra II/Trig, Geometry, Pre-Calclulus, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics, Intermediate Algebra II 
English   Literature 9th - 12th Grade English, AP English 
Science  Physical Science Environmental Science, Earth Science, Physics, Biology I, Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Chemistry
Social Science   Psychology, Geography, Sociology, Economics, AP Economics, AP Psychology, Theory of Knowledge
History  American History, World History World History, American History, AP American History, AP World History,